All Your Tears Will Be Ours

by Primigenium

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Released in 7" vinyl through End All Life Productions (Fra) and in CD through Full Moon Productions (U.S.A)



released March 6, 2000


In a whirl of eternal but changing illusions
Always living but fragile,
The steps on the snow can guide me to absurd,
It´s the cause of my own limits
And like the water, which can be both liquid and solid...

Prelude to suicide- Every one of the stars can wait for me
Prelude to suicide- Quietly and glumly

And from the constant obssesion that oozes
Impotence every second
Perhaps the unarwareness saves me,
Because those steeps can be a redemption,
Or can be stormy waters.

Drop by drop or in bitter springs
All around me salvation is falling
And I am like a stone statue
Waiting to reach out my hands,
But I am only capable to cover my face,
Waiting for the tears of my penitence
Which cannot flow at last
Like in your suffering Jesus...

I am only a man

Introspection is not used
If I don´t have the heart
As the final moral turns me into a tamed wolf.


Still calm of waters,
Profaned you are by a simple stone,
Spread you waves, and returns to boredom.

Conflict gime the wings once again

And I walk along the forest slowly
Whithout weeping a single tear
And drop by drop my blood dies
in red the uncertain path

My eyes finally white
Reflect the majesty of the nocturnal forest
Whithout stretching my hands a single time,
An insignificant stone rides the air again.

Fullmoon! Sing the war hymns to me once more
Sphere! Show me the way to battle.

So in the presence of your incandescence
I kneel and pray the ultimate player.

Among wolves I walk and among rats I howl,
Among trees I close my eyes to recive the final fire
Among dragons I fly and amongst tears of impotence
I journey.

Music And Lyrics by Smaug The Bastard 1998 / 1999.



all rights reserved


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